Sunday, December 21, 2014

Now power will be shut off seems I used too much ... lol

I try so hard to make a life for myself, using whatever I can get my hands on legally, seems that I am destined to live a nomadic life...  can feel tensions building around me.   I got a hot plate and a small electric fridge from the same people I get my power from.  Even though I paid them $30 for power (offered them 50)  they do not want to allow me to get power from them anymore...  Perhaps it may stay on till another source is created   ...   perhaps not

TO BE CONTINUED   peace from Contenthermitland

Monday, December 8, 2014

Cooler Nights and Gentle Breezes

to see what's happening in Contenthrmitland

I have found a large run down brick home to winter in, I think?  I pay the neighbor for a little power and filtered water.  Sometimes even a little ice.   I landed here around a month ago.  Has it only been a month?  It feels like I have been here a long time, like a lifetime.

more later   ...   it is much too cold out here this glorious morning in St Andrews on December 09, 2014   ...

TO BE CONTINUED   ...                                            PEACE

                                                                                             tina ellen

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yet another REBOOT

We are all spiritual beings   ...   There is no wrong way to worship ....   This life
is meant to be a spiritual journey  ...  an  awakening  ...  along the way   ...  we sometimes  ...  lose our way...  No worries   ...  As humans  ( resourceful  beings)
we can REBOOT  ( start all over again if you will )